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it has been almost a year since i took off from JFK to Madrid. shy of a week.

i think about this trip, no joke, every day. it’s like i ache for it. i ache to go back so bad. there was just something that resonated with me so much on this adventure. something that sank deep down. i can’t quite figure out why.

truthfully, there is a part of me that feels like i went on this trip alone, even though i didn’t. i think i was living in my own head. some of my favorite moments were with my headphones on, sitting on the train in-between cities in italy, just thinking about the people that lived there, what their lives were like, and how come i couldn’t live there. america seemed sooo enormously big while i was traveling and made home seem a little overwhelming and not so “quaint”. there is just so much history, beauty, and detail in everything.

there is also my wanderlust, i do get an itch if i stay in LA longer than two months to jet off (currently daydreaming of everywhere possible) i enjoy being a foreigner. i enjoy being like a kid in a candy store. i enjoy seeing things for the first time. i enjoy history and food and culture. needless to say, there is something about being out of my element where i feel the most free, the most in love with life, and the most happy.

i was having lunch yesterday with a photographer i work with and we were sharing stories of our italy trips of 2011. i have been thinking about posting about each country and finishing where i left off ( and reposting ) as the year anniversary comes up.

i have been to europe 4 times. i still don’t know what it was about this trip…perhaps the diversity of culture or the amount of time i was there. i could have kept going, too. regardless, it was an epic time that i will always burn a hole in my heart.

i can’t wait to travel again. i mean I CAN’T WAIT!

i get scared because the older i get ( 32 in a month, yikes!) the more i am ready to settle down, but i have this fear that the wanderlust in me won’t die with that. how do i do it all? marry a rich foreigner i suppose! currently, taking applications.

italia destinations:

milan, florence, tuscany, siena, rome, cortona, monte argentario, numerous tuscan towns, venice, trieste


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